Sales Conditions

Weekend discount

Cars belonging to the weekend discount can be rented at a discounted price from Friday evening at 17:00 until Monday morning at 09.00. The car with the weekend discount can be rented only from the designated dealership (Tartu, Valga, Võru) and there is no transport to another dealership. The mileage discount is subject to a mileage limit of 1000 km / period (Friday-Monday). If the limit is exceeded, a surcharge of 0.1 Eur / km applies.

Options for paying the rent

It is possible to pay for the rent at the time of booking via a bank link (Swedbank and SEB), by credit card or by invoice transfer. When paying by invoice by bank transfer, payment must be received within 1 working day after booking. If you want to rent a car on the same day, you need to contact the rental office to pay on the spot. If you want to book the car for a longer period in advance, the reservation will not be activated until you receive the money.

Mileage restriction

Passenger cars generally have a mileage limit of 500km / day but not more than 4000km / month. Some vehicles have lower mileage restrictions, in which case they are listed in the rental car’s detailed view and contract.

Additional kilometers can be purchased immediately by renting a car.

If the limits are exceeded, a surcharge of 0.1 Eur / km applies.


All vehicles have compulsory motor third party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance.

All our vehicles have a free car assistance package valid throughout Europe. In the event of a possible technical fault, the car will be taken to the nearest dealership, where the fault will be rectified as soon as possible.

In the event of a technical breakdown of the vehicle, the costs of interruption of the trip (hotel reservations, continuation of the trip / return home, etc.) will not be borne by us. If the technical failure is not caused by the customer’s negligence, we will bear the costs of returning the car home. We recommend taking out travel insurance, which also includes protection against travel interruptions, in which case the costs of possible travel interruptions will be reimbursed by your insurer.

Own responsibility

The deductible for car hull insurance in the event of an accident is 350Eur-800Eur depending on the vehicle. The specific deductible for each vehicle is described on the vehicle card and in the contract. The deductible of Kasko insurance can be reduced by renting a car for an additional fee.

The deductible in case of vehicle theft is 15% of the market price of the vehicle. It cannot be reduced.

Security deposit

When renting a vehicle, the Renter is obliged to pay a deposit of 200 Eur.

The deposit is paid by the tenant either by transfer or in cash at the rental point.

The deposit will be returned if the Renter has returned the Rental Vehicle and the Rental Company has no claims. The deposit will be refunded within 5 working days.

Area of ​​use

The rental vehicle can be used in Estonia and also in Europe on the basis of the lessor’s written permission.

Border crossing fee

When renting a car, it is possible to buy additional vehicle use insurance “border crossing fee”. “Border crossing fee” guarantees the costs of returning the vehicle to Estonia and transporting up to 4 passengers to Estonia in the event of a technical failure.


Rental car condition

The vehicle will be handed over to the Lessee refueled, washed and in good technical condition. When you receive the car, we recommend that you inspect it carefully and demand that all damages (including scratches) be included in the rental agreement, otherwise you may also be liable for any damage that the vehicle already had.

Price list of additional costs

Administration of fines 25 €
Claims handling fee 25 € (traffic and glasses)
Smoking in the car 200 €
Car refueling fee 25 € is added to the price of fuel
The fee for losing keys and documents is 400 €
Dry cleaning of the interior 70 €